Last summer, not long after my husband and I came home from a vacation to Rome, we hiked to Knivskjellodden – the northernmost point of Europe.  With the splendor of Rome fresh on our minds, we couldn’t help but smile when we came upon a friendly greeting from some Italian hikers:

I hope they enjoyed the North Cape as much as we enjoyed Rome.  In fact, we loved it so much, we’re headed there tomorrow.  And as a tribute to two of my favorite places in the world, I’d like to share some photos that explore some of the similarities and differences between Rome and the North Cape.

So without further ado, To Nordkapp, From Rome With Love!

And for those of you trivia buffs that like to collect random facts:  If you turned Norway upside down, Nordkapp would reach down to Rome.

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Yesterday morning, @heatherrhian and I woke up early to start the long drive North to visit the International Cheese Awards in Nantwich, the largest cheese and dairy show in the World.

Although I entered the World Cheese Awards last year, I’ve never actually experienced a cheese awards in person.  The volume and variety of cheese was incredible.

There were a few award winners dotted around the room which were quite surprising to say the least.  I was quite curious to see how blue Laughing Cow and the chocolate and orange cheese tasted, but I wasn’t sure about the etiquette of scoffing unattended cheese.

Although the rest of the Nantwich Agricultural Show was cancelled due to poor weather, on the day the sun was beating down, making it quite an uncomfortable atmosphere for some of the cheeses on show.

There were a fair few familiar faces around.  Peter Elvin of Butlers Cheese

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Rural Sociology Wageningen University

The majority of our purchases, be it food or something else, are done through market relations which are increasingly void of the personal, of long-term social relations and social investment. Whereas early theories on the social embeddedness of markets (Polanyi and Granovetter) are popular again amongst academics nowadays, I wonder if we can actually really imagine how deep embeddedness could or should go in the face of abstract and almost anonymous transactions through which we procure everyday. How often are we in situations where the relationship is as important as the product acquired, maybe even unrelated to the product acquired? Our current routines and realities shape how we interpret literature and imagine the possible.

Efficient food procuring – a chore that needs to be done – does make it quite impossible for me to imagine a buyer – seller relation that goes beyond regularity and chitchat. Why would I invest more than knowing my…

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I found this picture and I thought it was pretty funny. With certain individuals you can find this kind of text talk on facebook as well. I’m not a grammar Nazi but I don’t like text talk. I find it can often take more time to figure out what they’re trying to say then it would have taken to write it out properly. When you’re writing in a text message, I understand the desire to shorten, I do too from time to time. But if I have the room, I’ll just write it out properly.

I went to school for so many years so, why throw out all the English I learned? Presumably, despite what the teachers may have liked to think, English’s core purpose (at the very least) during high school was to improve one’s communication skills and confidence with the written language to prepare one for reading and…

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Mzungu Mama

Yesterday was fresh with Spring. Redbud trees are a stunning purple, and the pears are pearly white. The grass is coming back and my roses are covered with fresh red leaves. Under a cloudless blue sky with a fresh wind wrapping around us and lifting skirts I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and believed I was back in Uganda. We enjoyed endless days exactly like this, so many we became bothered from squinting at the perfect sky. This is the weather that enters the muscles and makes them move. It wasn’t just me. I saw more joggers than ever in the neighborhood, young teens grouped around the lake and even Lucy darted with her toys in the back yard. Jack spontaneously needed to jump rope and jog around the lake. He thinks this will make his muscles look like his brothers. Everyone has muscles now except for him. He feels left…

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